Wednesday, 25 October 2017

run day

At first room 11 and 12 lines up to go and have some we had to be so sneaky because we who sips to do writing but we did it we went to have a race when we got to the field we had to Sit on the concrete the concrete was Spiky it wood Gevd you Marcs.  The girls went First the girls had good round it was so close.when it was my turn I felt fuzzy inside because I was servous that I Nearly shook.The grass was so wet I couldn’t feel my own feet and it was very Cold.  When we were done we all came back to class and we had to write about the fun that we had.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Immersion Assembly

At first room 11 and 12 lines up to get ready for the Immersion Assembly.  Immersion means that where it is a new Term.  First Team 1 looks at how music can Change where Attitude.  Team 2 is look at Instruments and make their own music.  Team 3 are looking Talking With Music. Team 4 is looking at making their own Instruments and own music.Team 5 is look at matching songs with movies team 5 maxine music with the Lion king.  Finally Mr Burt Mr J Mr S also mr Wise Men and Mrs Nua too.  Finally we line back up and go back to room 11 and 12. In the end we went inside and then we Did Pav points for stickers we get 10 Pav points for certificates we get 50 pav points.