Thursday, 18 October 2018

Scared Recount 2018

2 weeks, ago my papa nana brother’s and my sister and I went to go to the Farm out South. Next we went to go. 

                 To be continued 

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Addition wk1 tm4

this is my addition tack we all had to do it was so easy.

cave plan

This it my animation plan it is what i'm going to do on my animation.

please leave my a commit thank u have a nice day from deejay.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

welcome back

Welcome your audience back to your blog.
→ welcome back to my blog this term topic is te wa toi
Explain what you are going to be sharing in this writing: What are you going to write about in each of your body paragraphs? (Hint: look at the questions below)

What is the name of this term’s inquiry?
→ This term our topic is te wa toi it means art time
Based on our immersion assembly item and the inquiry name, what do you think we are going to be learning about this term/ what do you think we will be doing?
→ Learning what people do with art
How do you feel about this term’s inquiry topic?
→I feel so happy doing art
What do you already know which will help you with the inquiry topic?
→ that you can draw with paint patil and pencil.

What are you finding challenging/difficult at school at the moment?
→ understanding different words I haven’t heard before
What do you think could help you overcome these challenges?
→ learning the difficult words me

What do you want to achieve this term/ what are your learning goals?
→ trying to level up in my reading
How can your teachers support/ help you with achieving these goals?
→ the teachers can help me with descriptive words
Do you think the inquiry will help you achieve your goals? How?
→ yes because i can learn follow instructions.

How do you feel looking ahead at term 4? Are you excited/ nervous? Any other emotions? Explain why you feel this way. I feel happy because we can learn more about art.
→ Happy

Welcome back to my blog!

Welcome back to my blog! This term the name of our topic is Te Wā Toi it means art time ever body. This term we will be learning what people do with art. I feel so happy doing art, so this topic is good for me. I don’t know alot about art except for that you can draw with paint, pastels and pencils.

Something that I find challenging at school at the moment is understanding different words I haven’t heard before. I can try to overcome this by learning the difficult words for me. 
This term my learning goals are trying to level up in my reading and focusing on my learning. The teachers can help me with descriptive words. Yes I think this topic can help with my learning goals because I can learn to follow instructions.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

The Race

This week the kina did a story called the race as you can see if you what to try this here is the link

Thursday, 6 September 2018

photo ponit of view

prat 1 Point of view of person taking the photo:The person who took the photo was taking a photo of the person in the photo that was looking into the window.

part 2 Point of view of a person in the photo:The person in the photo was looking in the window he was looking at the door inside it looks like he was wartin for