Monday, 3 July 2017


this is the beginning of how are kid be came a wroir.
his name was tamamererti.

the waka

I can see great big wefs ftning the Rocks prowler.
I can hear  the wind whistle and
Move the morawaka.
I can smell some bread.
Will some komr and parkin all so fish
I can hear the chief speaking to his amazing people.

I can see the dog came out of the blue sea.

the walkway

Looking out at the clear glistening blue water,
I see are walkway. Suddenly I stop, I think to myself wood,



Soaring through the sky I feel like superman crashing
Through the wave I feel like a dolphin.
Thais experience is a feel you owned  get evenre soften. Hopping butterflies fall my tummy.

Spining and twtirling throgh

the ladybird and the spider


Haunted House

As I walk up to the Haunted House I saw graves, I sneaked around to the back of the house.  The window is cracked but the window was too small, so I kept searching for the door. Through a cobweb filled alley, I see a door, it’s open I walk inside, I hear a baby crying.  I search the house for the baby.  I walk into find a radio on the bench, through the speaker I hear “you’re not leaving here now”.  I run for the front door.  The door is locked shut there is no way out.

Found a burning candle to burn the glass  to make it Plastic.  I found some scissors to Cut the plastic.  So I can escape Out of the window.  As I was walking out of the Forest I can hear ghosts.  Then i see a taxi. Ti was fall up with Zombie.  They all whot my brains. To be continued...