Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The War In 1989 on Geezer

called the New Zealand jet plans and there was a big as Boats of jet planes.The First jet was the Best of them all there was 50 jet planes on one boat.10 plans came off at a time.Then the england called the tanks the tanks had came on a big and sgon plane the planes open the  door and the tanks go out the door and there are 30 parachute came out the top.The New Zealand jets shot out big booms and there made an bigas fire  then all the England died and the New Zealand pies went onto the boats whot the jet plans came on and came back to New Zealand.When the New Zealand pirs came back to New Zealand all the People of New Zealand had an peaty at the White house.And the England People Who Survived the Fire had to Stay at Geezer for three Years Until the big plane to come and get them back to England and the Queen was So Angry at them then they were Band of England.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

run day

At first room 11 and 12 lines up to go and have some we had to be so sneaky because we who sips to do writing but we did it we went to have a race when we got to the field we had to Sit on the concrete the concrete was Spiky it wood Gevd you Marcs.  The girls went First the girls had good round it was so close.when it was my turn I felt fuzzy inside because I was servous that I Nearly shook.The grass was so wet I couldn’t feel my own feet and it was very Cold.  When we were done we all came back to class and we had to write about the fun that we had.