Thursday, 30 March 2017

Yesterday morning Room 12 went in the
To make cool paper plane.
We went to the whare to see who can thrower the furthest

On monday morning room 12 went to have a paper plane Battle it was Boys vs Girl.
There was 3 boys in the Fales and 2 Girls.
It was the girls turn first then when the girls went it was the boys turn to go.
When the boys went mr moran jos 1 boy and 1 girl when the girl went the boy went fdr.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Relay Race

On monday  morning Mr moran writing gomp went outside to do a relay race but it was a obstacle course at 9:30. we did the obstacle course on ill gate fide.
Mr Moran amazing writing gomp went.


Friday, 17 March 2017

Was we can leaning tad  them. No
no no
When it was time for me to go on I was saw a refret to go on the superman Roller Coaster.
When I got on the Roller Coaster I  saw two cars in  the subway when i went prit it we friel
Came  to the door and stop then I heard a  voice said it’s supermen it was saw frightening. When the ride started I thort that I was going to fall off the ride.
But when we got to the end I felt sick.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Where did she spend her summer? On the little Barrier lslands What was her job she needed to do on the island? Her job was to feed the Kakpo Why are the kakapo becoming extinct? Becase we did not look out for them
What is the name of an animal that comes out at night and sleeps during the day? Kakpo

I waking up in the middle of  the night it was very spooky.

I was not good because they was skeleton bones.
I do not like the look of it the haunted house.
When i ran into the skeleton mysterious glass door.
I saw an broken glass skeleton he try to eat me then i ran upstairs.
When i crawled upstairs they came crumbling down.
When i got to the top of the stairs i found the thing what can get me home it was a flying motorbike when i saw home i but the wins down and put my motorbike away.
One sunny day i w
One sunny day I went to the Beach when i got to the cool Beach i saw an cool boat on fire.
Then i had an idea i went all the away to the Boat. when i got to  the boat i saw 300 people.
I god not save all of them  buy  was i call my mats to came and help. When i got on the boat they came to the boat. When we save the 300 people we saw some bogs and cats.

Then we went to save the dogs and cats to and when that was finished we had fun for the ritb of the day. When i went to the boat i now frw it fat on the water.