Friday, 9 February 2018


When I was going to school I said Hi to some People and   teachers. And then there said hi back to me.Then I saw my Friends and we all went to school together  

on the way when the bale went I was going to class. when I got to class I saw Rubbish. So I pick it up and in pot it in the bin. Then I got Points for the red team.

When I went to class. I sat on the mat when mrs west was talking. And the hall of room 9 and 10 had. They eye  on the teacher that was talking.
That Worked so silent.when we went to Morning Tea I went to the park. and I saw an kid sad and I went to help hem. Then me and hem went to go and play to githe on the hard got.

When the bale went for home time I saw a kid. The kid was going home and then he went the wong wan. and then he got lost and then I went and helped the Little kid. Then I helped the kid to get home safe.

Then when I got the little kid home safe I went to go and take Myself home safe.when I got home my mum and dad went to the Beach with my Dogs.then when I was going to the beach.I saw a poor man and I Gave hem $13 and we went to the beach.

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